One of the biggest collaboration for investing in Indian startups by LetsVenture and Pioneer Fund

LetsVentue Team

To begin with, LetsVenture is one of the famous marketplaces for startup funding, has recently collaborated with Pioneer Fund I order to make availability of funds easy for the companies in India. There is a YC batch in which there will be the top Indian startups and LetsVenture is ready to fund the best for the best results.

According to recent news, YC batch has broken the record by selecting 15 Indian startups. With the collaboration with Pioneer Fund, LetsVenture has been able to raise $5 million for Pioneer Fund. The same is done through the family office platform, LV Titans and sits on Pioneer fund’s LP advisory board. As the summer batch has been easy, LetsVenture is all set to investing selected startups in India.

‘Future of India’ is the name given to the fund which will be invested in Indian startups which will be selected by the Pioneer fund itself. Every year new startups are seen in the YC alumni batch and LetsVenture together with Pioneer Fund’s has taken the initiative to help startups in India grow. This way, new opportunities for LetsVenture and companies can be seen rising each year.

Talking about the co-founder of LetsVenture, Shanti Mohan has recently attended a press conference in which it was said, “At LetsVenture, we believe in helping startups bring exclusive investment opportunities to our investor base, along with providing easy curated capital access to startups.

LetsVenture not only states it, but it also provides the best opportunities to the startups in India and with the best and most easy services, it is always beneficial for companies to get going and get themselves entered in the YC alumni batch. This is indeed the best platform for all startups.


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