Best Apps Detailed Explanation How to Play SNES ROMs On Your Computer 

Detailed Explanation How to Play SNES ROMs On Your Computer 

SNES, which is the shortcut of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, is one of the most leading game consoles. It preceded the NES console. The development team has implemented a lot of improvements to the entire system. Our favorite games became more complex, intricate, and sophisticated. In this article, we are going to learn how to play SNES ROM on your computer.

This tutorial focuses mainly on using the SNES9X emulator, which you can easily download at free of charge. The Snes9x emulator is widely used for Super Nintendo titles. You can download it and play your favorite retro games at home with friends. The only thing you have to do is to run your favorite SNES ROMs and have fun. The Snes9x file is absolutely safe. It has been tested by the most trusted antiviruses and thousands of users.

It is not difficult to choose an actual emulator. You just need to select the version, which is the most appropriate for your operating system and download it on your computer. Once the downloading process is complete, you have to find a place on your hard drive and create a separate folder.

In your newly created SNES folder, you must create one more folder for your emulator and another one for the downloaded SNES ROMs. This kind of file management will help to keep everything tidy and easy to find.

Once all is done, you should extract the contents of the archive containing the emulator into the “SNES9x” folder. Go to this folder and double click the “SNES9x” program. It may happen that you see the following error:


It is a standard and minor error if you use the newer Windows versions such as Windows 7/8/10. You can fix this issue by going to the Microsoft website and downloading Directx9. This simple action will make the SNES9x function properly.

Now, it is time to place the ROMs in the “ROMs” folder. We recommend you to keep all the ROMs directory separate. It will help you point several emulators to a simple directory.

At this stage, you have to open up the emulator:


You must point the emulator to the place where the SNES ROMs directory is placed. You can do this by pressing the “File” menu. Press “Load Game” or use the keyboard shortcut “CTRL+O.”


You must browse to SNES ROMs directory and upload the desired ROM. You will see that the chosen game starts playing, The SNES9x emulator records the directory for your ROMs, so you do not have to browse through directories every time you want to play your favorite retro games.

The next step is to configure your controller. Press the “Input” menu and “Input Configuration.” Alternatively, there is the keyboard shortcut “Alt+F7.”


You can customize the controls in the appeared window.


Do not forget to find out your speed keys. Press on the “Input” menu and click “Customize Hotkeys.” Use the shortcut “Alt+F9.”


You will see such a window:


To tell the truth, the defaults are quite sufficient for average users. So, if you do not want to change the defaults, just press “Cancel.”

Now you are ready to have fun with your favorite old-school games!


Modern games are inspiring. Sounds, graphics, and special effects will not let anyone indifferent. However, sometimes, we want to come back to our roots. Playing the games from our childhood times will evoke a lot of decisive and sweet moments. It can be a useful therapy if you feel sad or lonely. Also, we encourage you to share these titles with the new generation of gamers for them to have a complete picture of how the gaming evolves.

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