Best Apps The Do's and Dont's of Using Background Check Information

The Do’s and Dont’s of Using Background Check Information

Our world is becoming increasingly interconnected with the prevalence of the Internet and technologies like IoT (Internet of Things). This has led to the rise of a slew of services viz. virtual assistance, online education, etc. One of them that’s started to become popular among employers, real estate agents, etc. is background check services. 


What are Background Check Services?

Background check services are online services that allow you to find background information of any individual. For instance, if you are going to purchase an expensive item, like a car, from someone you don’t know (when buying a used car), then you can use a background check service to track their history, mainly their personal details and criminal records to assure that they are a legitimate and you can meet them in person under full safety. 

Owing to the huge demand, there is a wide range of people search sites that you can check out for background services today. However, there are certain do’s and dont’s that you need to know before you get started. 


The following are some of the things that you can use a background check service for without violating any government or company-set rules:

  • Relationships: Online dating services are quite popular, so much that Facebook is also looking to introduce Facebook dating. However, people, especially women are often intimidated by the idea of meeting a stranger. This is why they may turn to background check services to learn about their dates before they show up. Some people also use these services to learn about the whereabouts of their lost love. Both these reasons are generally approved by service providers.
  • Address Confirmation: If you wish to find the current address of someone you know, maybe for sending a parcel or letter, then you are allowed to use background check services. They can help you find the correct address without fail.
  • Self-Verification: You will be surprised to know the number of people who use background check services to find their own records with the government. It’s actually a smart move as it helps you check if the government has wrong records about your personal life. A good example could be a landlord who filed a complaint against you out of a grudge. By using a background check service, you can confirm if that’s the case and then you can take appropriate action to have the record removed.


The following are some of the things that you are advised to not use background services for:

  • Tenants: Landlords have become wary of tenants and take all kinds of measures to ensure that they don’t house people who have criminal backgrounds or are simply unethical. However, you may or may not use a background check service for this purpose. It’s also advised that you read about the basics of the Fair Housing Act so that you can screen the candidates in a non-discriminatory manner.
  • Spying: Most background services are strict about the customers using the services for spying on others. Not only this kind of behavior unethical, but it can also be against the law in your state. 
  • Identity Theft: If you are planning to use a people search service to steal someone’s identity for any reason, then it’s strongly advised that you don’t. Identity theft is a serious offense and can attract legal action that includes a long period behind bars.


The Internet is replete with information. So, it’s only smart to learn about a stranger through background checks and platforms like social media before you establish a business or personal relationship with them. Just make sure that you don’t violate any law when you go about the task, something which can be helped by the information above. 

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The Do's and Dont's of Using Background Check Information 2
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