Best Apps Gear for Gamers: The 2019 Holiday Wishlist

Gear for Gamers: The 2019 Holiday Wishlist

The festive season is a great time to be a gamer, whether you’re hoping to bag some new gear yourself or you want to give out some great gifts to the other games in your life.

With so many different products to choose from, how do you know which to pick? This handy guide will help you make the right buying decisions in the run-up to the holidays.

Asus ROG Phone II

If you prefer to play on PC than console, you’re probably already familiar with the Republic of Gamers brand from Asus. But what if you wanted to represent your affiliation with PC gaming while you’re on the go? Look no further than the second generation ROG Phone, which released recently and manages to push the envelope in many areas, making it more appealing than its predecessor.

With a distinctive design, the super speedy Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset onboard, 12GB of RAM and a 6.6-inch screen that boasts HDR capabilities and a wicked-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, it ticks all the boxes on a technical level.

It should be great whether you want to dive into a fast-paced shooter like Fornite, experience the fun of online casino games that you can play here, or switch to consuming video content from Twitch and YouTube.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Touching down to critical acclaim, the thoroughly revamped version of Microsoft’s professional-grade controller for the Xbox One is inarguably the highest quality input option available to gamers today. And while you might not be able to justify its steep price in normal circumstances, as a gift it might just make a lot of sense.

There are plenty of perks to pick up on, such as its huge battery which should give you 40 hours of uninterrupted gaming between charges, as well as the completely customisable thumbsticks and D-pads that can be swapped amongst a number of included alternatives for a truly bespoke experience.

The build quality is apparent from the word go, with the hefty weight of the controller and the grippy exterior making it comfortable, even for those with larger hands. It is also fully compatible with Windows 10, with completely reconfigurable buttons and platform-hopping software allowing for seamless switching from console to PC play.

Google Stadia

While Stadia is technically a cloud-powered game streaming service that requires no physical console hardware in its own right, Google is looking to attract early adopters to its ambitious new platform by offering a bundle that includes both an all-new controller and a Chromecast Ultra dongle.

The controller features a fairly standard layout, thankfully eschewing any esoteric add-ons in favour of coupling dual thumbsticks with a D-pad and face buttons up the front, accompanied by triggers on the shoulders. It looks a lot like the Nintendo Switch’s Pro controller, albeit with the thumbsticks in a position similar to that of the PS4’s DualShock pad.

Chromecast Ultra promises to deliver more power under the hood to keep the game streaming experience as fluid as possible when playing on a larger TV in a living room context. Meanwhile, the fact that Stadia works almost anywhere and on a wide range of devices, so long as you are willing to pay the monthly subscription on top of the price for access to games, gives plenty of flexibility.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Portable gaming on a smartphone may be a mainstream pastime these days, but serious gamers still want to have a dedicated system to experience richer interactive entertainment options.

That is where the Nintendo Switch Lite really shines, removing the dockable living room-friendly abilities of the full-sized switch but cutting the price to match and ensuring everything from Breath of the Wild to The Witcher 3 can be enjoyed on the move. It looks set to be the biggest draw of the holiday shopping period.

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