Here is the Best Way to Check Who My Children are Chatting with

It is normal to be concerned about the welfare of your children, especially in this digital age. Children are vulnerable and can fall victim to cyberbully, sexting, cybercrime, and other digital vices. 

However, if you keep an eye on their phone activities, you can know about potential dangers in time. If your child is using a smartphone, chances are that they are chatting with friends on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, SMS, and other social platforms.

Of course, it’s impossible to gain access to all their social media accounts physically. It’s even cumbersome to start with. So, what is the best way to check who your children are chatting with? Read this post to learn all about it.

FoneMonitor: The Best Chat Monitoring App

Have you heard of phone spyware? There is a chance that you are familiar with the product even if you have not used it before. Spyware is designed to help users spy on the phone activities of their targets. It is also called a spy app or phone monitoring app.

Some spy apps are virus-ridden and when they are activated on a device, they introduce malware on the device. Some others secretly steal sensitive data from unsuspecting users. This means you have to be careful about your choice. So, which is the best app to choose from?

The answer is simple. FoneMonitor is the best spyware that you can use to check who your children are chatting with. This app has received flattering reviews from users across the globe. It has also been featured in many tech platforms.

Some renowned tech websites that have given positive reviews about the app include TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, CNET, and Android Authority. The unique thing about the FoneMonitor app is that it works effectively and in real-time.

This means you can gain access to your children’s phone activities in real-time. Additionally, it works on multiple operating systems. This means it is compatible with both Android and iOS. Do you want more information about this? Get it here to know who your child is chatting with.

It functions optimally on multiple devices, which makes it possible to spy on all your children from a single account. All you have to do is choose an appropriate subscription package when signing up for an account. We’ll look at the process shortly.

How to check who your Children are chatting with using FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is a feature-rich spy app. It allows you to access all the messaging apps available on your target device. This means you can check your children’s chat activities on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, and more.

When you have activated the app on the target device, you just have to log in to your dashboard. From there, you can see all the chats of your children on individual platforms. 

To check who your child is chatting with on Instagram, click the Instagram icon on your dashboard. You will find all messaging apps’ icons on the dashboard, and to access each, simply click on it.

What Chatting Features Can you access with FoneMonitor?

Phone messaging apps have a lot of features that allow users to share more than texts. With FoneMonitor, you can see everything that your children send and receive through their messaging apps. Here are some of the things you can access with the app.

Private and Group Chats: FoneMonitor lets you see the detailed chats that your children have with individuals and in groups. You’ll see the name of the group and the participants. 

You’ll also see the details of the private chats, including the name, phone number, profile picture, and more. FoneMonitor lets you see the chat history to enable you to understand the background to all conversations with each contact person.

Shared Media: When your child receives or sends any media file, FoneMonitor saves a copy for you. You can download and save the files. Files that you can see include photos, videos, audio notes, and documents. 

Deleted Messages: FoneMonitor also lets you see deleted messages. If your children receive compromising messages, they will likely want to delete them. They know that you can stumble on their phone and read their messages. 

So, they would rather delete such messages than have a confrontation with you about the content. With FoneMonitor, you won’t be in the dark in any part of your child’s conversations. 

When they delete text messages or chats from other messaging apps, FoneMonitor retrieves the messages and lets you see them.

What more can you get with FoneMonitor?

Spying on your child is more than checking who they chat with. You also have to consider other things they do on their phone as well as their locations. FoneMonitor gives you access to all these. Let’s see some of the features that you can access on your children’s phones.

  • Real-time GPS Location

FoneMonitor lets you see the location of your child in real-time. Since they are always with their phone, when you know where their phones are, you will know where they are. The app works with the GPS mechanism of the device and transmits the data to your dashboard.

  • Geo-fencing Alert

FoneMonitor also allows you to set a restriction for your children’s movement. If there’s any location that you’ve told your child not to visit, you can set geofencing alerts for the location. With this, you’ll get immediate notification when they cross the boundary.

  • Phone Call Logs

The app also enables you to view the call logs of your children. You can see who they talk with and the details of the call recipients or callers. This includes the name, phone number, and other available information like profile photo and address.

  • Social Media Apps

Apart from reading the private chats from their social media accounts, you can also see their other activities. You’ll see the general posts and media they share with their contacts. This allows you to know their digital behaviors and be able to intervene when necessary.

  • Web Browser History

Are your children visiting age-inappropriate websites? FoneMonitor will let you know. The app lets you see their web browser activities, including the frequently visited websites, bookmarked and deleted websites, and more.

  • All installed Apps

FoneMonitor is your best secret agent that lets you see all activities taking place on your children’s phone. You’ll be able to see all activities on the installed apps on the device. 

How to activate FoneMonitor on your Children’s Device

To check who your children are chatting with using FoneMonitor, the first thing is to sign up for an account on the official website of FoneMonitor. When you’ve created the account, you need to choose a subscription package.

Since you’re monitoring your children’s phone, choose a multi-device subscription plan, which is the family package. Pay for the subscription and follow the setup wizard sent to your email. 

For the Android version, you need to install an app on the device but this is not needed for iOS. You don’t have to worry because the spy app is very light and takes only a few minutes to install. 

It is also virus-free, so you shouldn’t worry that it will introduce malware on your children’s device. FoneMonitor doesn’t require that you root or jailbreak your children’s devices, which is excellent news.


No doubt, you can get access to dozens of spy apps. However, you have to be careful when choosing one. You must consider the safety of your target’s phone and of your device also. FoneMonitor is safe and secure, making it the best choice for you.


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