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How to Fix Isdone.dll Error

If you are a gamer and play games like The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on Windows PC, you would have come across the isdone.dll error while installing games and programs of larger sizes. Obviously, otherwise what could be your reason to land on this website?!

No worries; let us help you out.

A Quick brief on isdone.dll Error

Large games and programs have lots of compressed data. While unpacking this data they eat up your space on the hard disk and on RAM. If you don’t have enough space on your hard disk or your RAM, then the isdone.dll error pops up.

This kind of error comes up when the unarc.dll file that is usually present in the system32 folder or syswow64 of the 32 bit or 64-bit system respectively, gets corrupted or goes missing. Another possible reason is when your game installation file is corrupted or missing.

The most common errors that people face are:

  • Due to missed isdone.dll file;
  • Because the system is unable to start the isdone.dll file.

Keep reading this article to know about how to resolve the issues.

The Witcher2: Assassins of Kings

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was launched in the year 2011 is a fantasy RPG video game developed by the Projekt Red and has been inspired for the Witcher series written by Andrzej Sapkowiski

The game was a huge success with over 1.7 million copies sold by May 2012. This game for role-playing is the sequel to the game The witcher which was launched in the year 2007 and is the second installment of the Witcher Series. The third installment of the Witcher series was launched in the year 2015. This game was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 3360, OsX, and Linux.

In this game, the player has the authority on the Geralt of Rivia – a witcher with well-trained human experts to hunt and pin down the monsters for making a living. This game creates multiple storylines and different story paths with multiple endings. 

The gameplay for witcher 2 requires much more added skills as compared to its predecessor along with the abilities to lay traps and use long-range grenades & sharp weapons. 

The protagonist of the play, Geraly has an advanced, ruthless, powerful and defensive arsenal, which includes a great assortment of melee and ranged weapons, bombs, armor, traps, and secondary weapons such as knives and shovels. There are 4 distinct upgrades in the game. 

The first one is the initial training path for enabling multiple basic abilities and generalized upgrades. The second one is swordsmanship which includes developing skills of player sword fighting abilities, the third one is the alchemy which reduces the adverse impact of portion and the last one is the magic that could highlight witcher signs. 

The Witcher 2 game also includes stealth mode for some of its parts where the player must remain unnoticed when move towards a particular location.

How to resolve isdone.dll Error?

Try these methods:

  1. Increase Page File Size: A page file is a file in the PC that acts as virtual memory. If there are any files that RAM cannot process, page files can be used to process them. Extended use of pageFile File is not recommended.
  2. Replace isdone.dll and unarc.dll: When the isdone.dll error pops up, it is recommended to download and load the isdone.dll and unarc.dll files as they might get corrupt or lost due to malicious software. If you are looking to download the latest version, you can download the file here.
  3. Memory test: If it is often recommended to get the memory test done to check if the RAM is faulty or not. This can be performed using the windows memory diagnostic tool.

The Final Word

Errors like isdone.dll might occur on adding space-consuming games, such as The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, to your system. Apart from the memory issues, other reasons for these errors include corrupt DLL files due to malicious software, RAM with error, corrupt system files, hard drive error, or issues with the antivirus. In the article, we have talked about the best methods to solve this issue.

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