Samsung to showcase successful C-Lab projects at CES 2020

C-Lab Inside, an in-house start-up incubator that is set up by Samsung in 2012, enables its employees to discuss new business ideas. C-Lab Inside was formerly known as C-Lab(Creative Lab). Later, Samsung expanded its incubator to nurture the outside startups in Korea, by providing them all the required resources, giving access to technical know-how and other required things and data. Samsung calls it as C-Lab Outside.

Samsung every year picks up a few of its own projects from C-Lab Inside and a few from C-Lab Outside and showcases them in the CES. This time too, Samsung is participating in CES-2020 with some of its projects from both the C-Labs. With this year it would be the 5th consecutive year for C-Lab to participate in CES.

The Korean company announced that this year it will showcase 5 C-Lab Inside projects and 4 C-Lab Outside projects. Let us have a look at these projects:

C-Lab Inside projects:-

Selfietype: A virtual keyboard that combines proprietary AI and a front-facing camera that converts the finger movements into QWERTY keyboard inputs without the use of any additional hardware.

Samsung C-Lab's project Selfietype

Hyler – A smart highlighter pen that could digitize analog text and move it to an app on your mobile phone, to enable search and other capabilities.

Samsung C-Lab's Hyler

Becon – A combination of a diagnostic device and a companion app to estimate scalp condition, analyze the obtained readings, and suggest a solution for the loss of hair – all at home.

Samsung C-Lab's Becon

SunnySide – A window-shaped device for generating sunlight artificially that can, along with other things, help the users obtain vitamin D indoors. It can be installed similar to a photo frame on the wall.

Samsung C-Lab's Sunnyside


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