Huawei Mate 11 brings in-display fingerprint sensor to the market

Mate 11

Among many Chinese mobile companies, Huawei is one of them who is making fingerprint sensor just beneath the display. This feature was first introduced by the Vivo Company and users appreciated this feature. So now Huawei launched its product i.e. Huawei Mate 11 with the same feature. The most surprising fact is that Huawei has taken over the market of Qualcomm’s. It had the best fingerprint feature where the user can use the phone with his/her wet fingers.

Huawei Mate 11 exclusive Features are:

  • The phone has a 6.6-inch 4k touchscreen along with curved glass on the top. The thickness of the module is around 0.44mm.
  • It supports normal capacitive scanners
  • Under the cover, the phone gets its power from Kirin 980 chipset
  • The phone has two different slots for storage i.e. 6 GB RAM and 128GB or 256 GB, Internal storage.
  • The quality of the camera is quite good. It has a Quad Camera System which is popular among the Honor Phones. The Honor Phones are considered to be the sub-brand of Huawei.

It is noted that Huawei is not only the company that is giving importance to the in-display fingerprint sensor. In the market of technology, many other brands are also giving this sensor a lot of importance and planning to bring a good competition to the market. So now Huawei is introducing its own in-display fingerprint sensor in the market with its upcoming Mate 11.

The Huawei has also selected use of the Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint solution. Here in the new Mate hopefully will be the foremost shipping model which will have that specific sensor. The Qualcomm is partnered with Taiwan-based GIS and also with China’s O-film Tech. Therefore both the partners are well specialized in offering touchscreen solution and ultrasonic sensor. If we look into the model then it is really expensive than any other traditional counterparts.


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