Windows-Like Gesture to Activate DND: Google Unveils Newness at I/O 2018

Whether it is Facebook’s yearly congressional or Google’s Annual Tech Conference, I/O 2018, the world has its eyes on it to know what advancement these tech giants are bringing for people that can change their life making living easier.

Android P has been in talks and its beta version has been available for Pixel and other brands. Google has been experimenting with lot many new features, especially with the help of AI or AR based technology.

I/O 2018 is the perfect platform for Google to authenticate all that have been rumored in last 6 months. And, Google did not disappoint on Day One of I/O 2018.

There are a few things, such as continuous voice feature, Apple iPhone like gestures, skin rotation improvements, and Windows phone like DND feature geeks was looking at it at the event to know more.

Many had their ears glued to Sundar Pichai when he talked about “Do Not Disturb” feature as Google is set to introduce a magnificent improvement in DND feature.

Windows phone used to have a feature called “SHUSH”. It is when you put down your phone with a screen of the phone on the table, your phone automatically activates “Do Not Disturb” feature and turns screen color to grayscale based on bedtime you have set.

Now the same improvement is expected in Android P with additional features called “Wind Down” that silence all visual interpretations besides abandoning calls and text messages. As soon as your bedtime ends, the color of the phone comes to normal in the morning. This helps Android phone save battery, data, as well as CPU usage during the night time or while you are busy.

Besides, there are major announcements were talked about with evades to what one may see in Android P. So if you are already upbeat about new Android I/O, wait for a few months before Google unveils it for the public.

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