Taking Airbnb to the next level of customer satisfaction with Airbnb Plus

When something as disruptive as Airbnb was introduced, the very first aim was to create a market for the kind of services on offer. This should not be seen so lightly as something as the very concept that the service providers sought to provide the customers were quite unheard of till then. If more than anything, the promoters have established themselves in the market and the next logical step would be to undertake a consolidation of the services on offer.

One of the first steps to take when consolidating a business is to make a difference in the service on offer to those who would want to have more than just the most basic of services. It is more of a value proposition where the person willing to afford a higher price must be matched with a corresponding set of service level offered that would justify the premium billing, so to speak.

Airbnb Plus is an attempt to cater to the well-heeled, who would look beyond a room and breakfast for the travel needs. Thus a new set of operational parameters need to be used that would ensure a good satisfaction level and this does not just restrict itself to just an increased billing alone.

There are of course advantages to the hosts on this program as well. They are provided with an increased rate for the night’s stay. But it is not everyone that can get to participate in the Airbnb Plus program as there is a certain minimum performance level that needs to be attained before a property can qualify to be listed as Airbnb Plus. So the premium traveler could be assured of a well-stocked cool bar or the most recent releases of movies to watch during the stay.

It is a sign of maturing markets to have operators offer more than just the plain vanilla solutions and this is a factor that is being put to good use by the offer of Airbnb Plus services.

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