Alcatel Replaces System Applications with Ad-Supported Apps during Security Updates

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The Nokia-owned smartphone brand, Alcatel is surrounded by allegations that it’s bloating its users’ devices with adware, dismissive of their consent. According to the reports, the company is replacing the system apps with ad-supported apps, while the security updates are installed.

To be clear, the default phone applications like Gallery, File Manager, Launcher, Sound Recorder, etc. are replaced with ad-supported counterparts, during a security update – For example, the ‘Gallery’ turned into something called ‘Candy Gallery’.

candy galary

These changes wouldn’t affect those who have turned off the auto updates, on their handsets. However, the majority of the users don’t fall into that category, as the automatic updates are on, by default. Moreover, since these are default system apps, which comes along with the device, the users aren’t able to uninstall them.

Thus, these replaced ad-supported apps are certainly forced on them, without their explicit consent.

A frustrated Alcatel user has posted a detailed write up on this, which further publicized the matter. Ultimately, the issue escalated and numerous users started firing 1-star reviews on the Play Store, for the Alcatel’s new ad-supported apps.

A Alcatel user on Reddit posed

“Users that have auto-updates turned on (which is the default for these apps) are finding themselves with entirely new ad-supported applications that are being installed without their explicit consent”.

However, the company seems to resolutely overlook this issue. Yes, amidst all these turmoil, the company still went on – to push the replacements to its Idol 4 smartphones, in the latest security fix.

Indeed, Alcatel has confirmed the app replacements during the security fix. And they’ve even gone a step further to state that – the users should ignore the security updates if they don’t wish to replace their system apps.

This is considered as an awful reply, by its customers. However, many users have turned their auto updates off, to prevent their apps being replaced with ad-supported apps. In any case, the company shouldn’t leave their customers vulnerable to security threats. What do think of this? Let us know, in the comments section below.

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