After Amazon banned new products, Nest stopped stocking them

It is but a natural thing for adversaries in business to face each other over snubs, real and perceived. This is how best to describe the tug-o-war that has been initiated by Amazon, Google, and Nest. It really is hard to understand as to what the core issues are and as is often the case in such situations, the truth is mostly a factor that few people tend to pay heed to.

As said by Business Insider, the start of the whole sordid affair could be traced to Nest being asked by Amazon to stop selling some of their products on the Amazon portals. The official version was that this was necessitated due to the poor quality of products on offer but the truth was that these products were in direct competition with the products developed by Amazon, in-house. In retaliation, Nest pulled out their complete merchandise from Amazon.

Where the new products are Nest Secure, Thermostat E, and the Nest Cam IQ.

Things did not quite end there. Google decided to integrate the Nest products into hardware options that were used by Google to improve the service of the company. This was more or less an independent decision which got to ruffle the feathers of those at Amazon and they unleashed an offensive salvo on Google by delaying the availability of Google products on the Amazon portal.

No longer are business decisions based on the bottom line of companies but on ideology and operating principles. Here Amazon should have turned a blind eye to the dealings of Google with nest and not gone on to respond the way it did. It would be the consumers that would get to suffer in the long run as it really would not hurt the parent companies be it Google or Amazon or for that matter Nest.

Rivalries are meant to push each other ahead of the other and never should be used to settle scores and particularly in the market space.

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