Google is soon adding Android Go image to the Android Studio Emulator

Often Google and Android the mobile operating platform from the company have been seen to be rather elitist in approach. The primary reason for his sort of perception is primarily the fact that most uses of the Android system would need a good amount of RAM and supportive internal memory.

This is set to change with Google trying out the Android Go set up on the Android Studio Emulator with the release of Android Oreo. The very practical aspect to this development is that it would no longer need the 4GB plus RAM on mobile phones to ensure optimum performance and it is possible to bring on a faster loading and browsing experience still loaded with just the bare minimum of RAM.

According to the comments on Reddit made by Android Studio Emulator developer, Google is working on providing official Android Go image to the Android Studio Emulator. Which is good news for developers where they can able to test their applications on Android Go device.

Moreover, with the developer community that do get to introduce a lot of applications based on each version of the Android operating system, this new approach is going to give them the much needed flexibility to coming out with more focused applications that would make just about the right use of system hardware as with the low end smartphone handsets that would typically have about 2 GB of RAM about them.

With this sort of a development, the future of mobile applications and their development is going to gain a fast pace that would put to shame the progress that has been achieved so far. It could mean a change of approach that would ensure that folks get to use apps that are suited to the very situation than something that is far out of reach to most handset users at most.

With technology, it is important to put it to use to benefit users in general and people as a whole. The focus on creating systems for the sake of it must be done away with and the introduction of the Android Go systems is just the start to a right change of tack.

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