Google’s Impending version; Android P will endorse Notch Optimization as in iPhoneX!

Android P

Google works tirelessly on newer versions of Android every year. After last year’s version, Android 7.0 Nougat, Google has launched Android 8.x Oreo this year. The updated version of Android versions goes in line with the alphabetical order that Google uses to name them, Android P.

Android P with version number 9.0

It is now known that the next version of Android will have a name starting with the alphabet P and with a version number of 9.0. Google is currently advocating on Android P, whose internal codename seems to be “Pistachio Ice Cream. The search giant, Google has adhered to have an exclusive look for its mobile Operating System for considerably some time now for which they are admiring at Apple for the brainstorm.

The upcoming version of Android, Android P will allegedly be designed with a Notch much like the iPhone. This will be helping the third-party manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus and much more to adopt face scanning technologies more efficiently. Google hopefully believes in bringing in more iPhone customers over to Android, particularly among the high end and premium segment of the market dominated by Apple.

Notch Optimization

Android right away doesn’t support Notch in any way as the text and signal bars get cut through due to the Notch. Howbeit, Google will soon be appraised of Android P with a back for the Notch. This gives an intention to see an ample amount of Android phones by the third party manufacturers with Notch this year.

Compact Integration of Google Assistant

Distinct from the Notch Optimization that will be beheld in Android P, it is also proclaimed that there will be a much compact integration of Google Assistant in the latest version. This will enable Android phones to do more stuff with Google Assistant than what is presently possible with the newer version by integrating the technology into the third party manufacturers’ apps.

Tackling of common problems

Adjuvant updates will try to embark upon more common problems, like improving battery life and paving the groundwork for new designs such as “multiple screens and foldable displays.”

Fuchsia and Android P

There is a proclamation of “Fuchsia,” which is expected to be a new and separate Operating System that frames apical to Android and Chrome Operating System and their frames look desperately contrary to the current Android. Be that as it may, Fuchsia and Android P are not the same. Android P will be probably launched by the end of the year, while Fuchsia might take a long way off.

Expected more in May!

As in the custom, Google declares the next version of Android amid its I/O conference. The newer 2018 edition of the club will kick off next May, expecting more of Pistachio Ice Cream, Fuchsia and everything Google in less than three months.

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