Android P’s killer photo feature is not applicable for lower-end phones

HEIF is a photo format to make images take half of the storage space, this will be applicable with JPEG. For make it more supportable on the phone there is a need for a smartphone processor. And there is a super good news regarding this factor and there is a bad news also, the next version of Google’s Android smartphone software, that is Android P has introduced a killer feature that to make the image shrink to half the size of an ordinary JPEG. And there is also a bad news.

That is there is no guarantee that it will be work on every phone. The reason behind this is the technology called High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIF). The real cause is the hardware and patent licensing limits on HEIF. Regarding this, the burden is on the phone makers. They have to pay for high-end hardware and license patents to get full benefits. Saving the storage space or the amount of that photo files consumes, then the amount of data they use from the network plan during sharing or syncing etc are considered as a great benefit of this new feature.

For the Android users, it is still not clear that if they will get the benefits of this new feature. In iPhones and Apple, it made sure it can resolve the patent issues and it can also handle HEIF. So for Apple and iPhone users, you can enjoy the benefits of this feature. The problem or all the bets are off in the world of Android. The cause of this problems and bets are there more than thousands of phone models out there from more than hundreds of manufacturers. This is the latest news out in the technology world regarding the Android phone. And also this feature has been introduced with both a good side and a bad side. For those who will get this feature in their phone are fortunate and those who can’t apply this are unfortunate. But hopefully, it may come back with more accessibilities.

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