Download Android USB Drivers for Windows and Mac

Android USB Drivers: USB is a communication portal that enables the connection between a computer and other devices like phones, cameras, printers, scanners, and external hard drives. Widely, both phones and computers are equipped with software that supports USB connection. Most of the computers with operating system Windows/ Mac are pre-installed with USB drivers that support a large number of phones. However, there is a possibility that the connection might not establish well due to certain gaps/glitches in the software. This often leads to several issues related to the connection between a phone and the computer.

If you are an Android smartphone user and facing similar issues, you are at the right place. In this article, we explain the ways through which you can download Android USB drivers.

One can always connect the phone to the computer wirelessly however when you want to transfer files with bulk data it often becomes time-consuming and an arduous task. Hence it is better to download the USB driver on the computer as it saves time by establishing a faster and reliable connection. Thereby making the work easy.

Download Android USB Drivers

Google USB Driver

HTC USB Driver

Samsung USB Driver

LG USB Driver

Sony USB Driver

Motorola USB Driver

Xiaomi USB Driver


OnePlus USB Driver

Intel USB Drivers

Dell USB Driver

Acer USB Driver



Huawei USB Driver

Lenovo USB Drivers

ZTE USB Driver

Toshiba USB Drivers

YU USB Driver

Fujitsu USB Drivers

Gionee USB Drivers

If your device is not listed here, let us know in the comment below, we will find and update the drivers for you.

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