Android 8.1 Oreo Is Being Supported By The Google Open GApps (ARM+ARM64)

The key to successful implementation of an App on the Android System is the ability to respond quickly enough to come up with updates as and when the situation so demands it. The stability of any app is the ability of the developer community to respond fast enough to the evolving operational scenario.

Over the years it has been seen that there are certain practices that are more in favor with the GApps (Google Apps) packages. This saw the shift in focus to Open GApps that enabled most developers to respond to need for updates on a real-time basis. Prior to the use of the Open GApps was the existence of the Paranoid Android GApps that was the flavor of the times till about 2015.

What must be noteworthy of the Open GApps is the feature that there is a provision for the process of update creation being automated. It is the aspect of the platform to allow a fair degree of freedom when it comes to bringing out something for use and this more than anything else would ensure a faster delivery of updates than earlier. At the same time, Open GApps thought to move forward where ParanoidAndroid left off.

With Project Treble taking over the creation of updates and in essence defining what the future developments in Android system updates should look like, the Open GApps is just the proper companion to the whole system. Increasingly the systems are being fine-tuned to offer compatibility to the Android Oreo 8.1, the possible future of the Android Operating System.

There is going to be a greater level of automation and this feature is getting to be emphasized over the coming years and a start has been made with the Open GApps that is compatible with the functioning of Project Treble as well.

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