The hot Anti-Spam feature spotted testing in WhatsApp

It is a common grouse with the typical WhatsApp user that often there is generated a lot of spam that should have been stopped from entering the inbox or the message box. This is going to get further stressed as the medium is adopted more and more as a means of promotion, far from the application to network with people, as envisaged by the developers of the app.

Change and the ability to cope up with change is what would set apart the leaders in any field. WhatsApp has taken the right route to tackle the situation head-on by introducing powerful spam filters that seek to cut out the clutter on most home screens.

The key differentiating factor that lets WhatsApp tell out spam

WhatsApp has been designed as a communicating tool and moreover as a networking tool. In any network, the chain of messages is what sustains the group as a whole and any sort of control on the ability to transmit the messages are bound to be self-defeating at best. Thus something workable needs to be hammered out and that is what the developers at WhatsApp have succeeded in doing to a large extent.


The key feature that the filter seeks to establish is that if a message forwarded to another person or group does make its way back to the original sender. This is a telltale sign of a spam message and is a sure give away to the practice. More than the individuals, it is the transfer between the different groups that often catches the attention of the filter software.

The need for improvement

With the typical spam detection software, it is necessary to be in operation for a sufficiently long time to be effective on most counts. It could well be said that the very nature of the software is such that it provides for a fair bit of self-learning.

There could not be much software that could perform from the first day of introduction and there is always a learning process that makes the application effective in the long run.

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