Assessing the security of iOS, Windows and Android operating systems

When the security of the smartphone is considered, often people look to the ability of the phones to function without a breach of the operating parameters. Security is not a small feature considering that the modern mobile handsets get to offer a wide range of functions that could easily be taken as high-risk applications.

Banking and payment options that smartphones offer are just a tip of the systems that could be compromised in daily use. Often it is a fact that the strongest chains are only as sturdy as the weakest of the links and this is where the mobile apps need to bring on a greater level of security in their operations.

Comparisons between iOS, Windows and Android OS 

  • iOS: Most studies have been able to establish that this is probably one of the most secure of operating systems available on the mobile phone. The prime reason that this happens to be so is due to the nature of the source code that enables most of the app vendors to update and close out any security flaws as and when they are detected.
  • Windows: This is one of the most reliable of operating systems available and probably one that offers the most value for money. It could well point to the robust structure of the operating system that it is not that easy to breach the secure perimeter.
  • Android: Take any study done in the recent past on the security issues faced by people using the Android operating system and it would be evident that this could be the most vulnerable of systems in use. The fact that this happens to be one of the most popular of systems in use on most of the smartphones make it a good target for attempts to breach the system.

To conclude

For those folks who thought that the iOS to be a rather expensive and overhyped of operating systems, it would be evident that the price paid ensures a level of safety that is truly the envy of the mobile world. As for the Windows operating system, it is in use in so few a handsets that it simply cannot be considered as an alternative system.

The Android operating system has been really vulnerable to break-ins and this has been noticed at Google, the mother company of Android. The latest efforts to introduce Project Treble on the systems is in keeping with this realization. Thus it is possible for app builders to offer updates in a short time that would help plug any security issue as and when they do happen.

Trust a company as Google to be pro-active in finding a solution to whatever issue that affects the safe working of the Android operating systems and the future would only be to ensure a far greater level of security than available at present with any operating systems taken for study.

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