Best Encryption Apps to Protect your Privacy

Privacy is the most debated issue with the backdrop where various social media platforms have been emerging and are almost becoming an inevitable part of almost everyone’s lives. WhatsApp is the most used app, and it has recently introduced the feature of encryption so as to disallow any third party to read the messages being communicated on the app. However, doubts are being raised by few if such a feature works in totality.

The debate has gained significance primarily about government’s stake in having access to encrypted messages to carry out intelligence services and thereon provide security. Concerning the issue raised by such debates Amber Rudd, the UK Secretary of State, who appeared on BBC’s Andrew Marr show stated that governments should have access to encrypted messaging services like WhatsApp.

The argument being made by the government is also true. In the recent London terror attack that occurred in Westminster, the accused has used WhatsApp to carry on the attack. The intelligence wing could not track such a threat given the encryption provided by the WhatsApp.

Best Encryption Apps to Protect your Privacy

Given such a situation the tech companies working in the communications arena may cooperate with the government to decrypt the private conversation, or the intelligence wing of the government might even find their ways to decrypt such messages. In such a situations to hold onto your privacy, you can download and use the below-listed apps.


Signal is considered to be the most secure messaging app. This app provides end-to-end encrypted messaging and voice call services to its users. Moreover, the app is free to download, thereon providing access to every customer.
The most excellent feature of Signal that makes it unique is that it is an open source app. This means it allows anyone to edit and format the app and correct the loopholes if there are any.

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Viber is one of the popular communication apps which has adapted to end-to-end encrypted messaging and voice call services to its users, less than a year ago. It is functional on both the app and the desktop.
It has a unique color- coded system, which shows the users the level of security concerning the conversations with their contacts.
The encrypted communications are denoted with gray color while green means encrypted communications with a trusted contact. Red, on the other hand, signifies a problem with the authentication key.

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Cyber Dust:

Cyber Dust Unlike other apps that provide encryption is resistant to warrants from companies. The app does provide the information of its users to any third- party users. This app besides providing end-to-end encryption deletes the messages as soon as the party views them on the other side. Cyber Dust does not even show the username thereby protecting the identity.

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Telegram Messenger:

The messages used to communicate through this app can be secured completely by enabling the Secret Chat mode. It allows the user even to set the messages to self-destruct once they read.
The users of this app can encrypt anything on this app including the media. The messages that are not on secret chat mode are saved on the company servers.

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If you think that your conversations are not secured, and your privacy hindered, use these apps to enjoy your privacy.

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