CAUTION: RedDrop Android Malware is upon us

When the security firm Wandera declared the detection of a new malware, the RedDrop, few people expected it to do any further than what the usual security breaches would bring about. But it must be given to the offender that it has managed to raise alarms for the severity of infections as well as the range of actions that is capable of performing.

Most people have been taken quite by surprise by the RedDrop, for the speed of its spread and the violence of its action. When the term violence is used, it is more to denote the severity of disruptions that the malware is quite capable of once in the system.

This could be what can be described as a stealth malware making its detection rather hard. Most devices that get infected complain of the deletion of critical files and a general spying activity on users. RedDrop can affect the person financially for the fact that it would subscribe the user to a number of paid premium services without the user being aware of it.

With devices infected with RedDrop, it is noticed that critical user information is transferred to the malicious parties and this can compromise the safety and integrity of people and the systems as a whole. The fact that the intruder gets to infect the more simple of applications as the image editors, calculators and even educational apps in use, would ensure that the infection is harder to detect.

The most amounts of people that complain of an infection by RedDrop are seen to have visited a particular Chinese website. This particular web page was seen to have been linked to over 4000 domains and detection was made particularly difficult for the fact that there was in use a series of complex network redirects.

It has been particularly hard to detect and trace the malware for the fact that it uses a series of Dropbox and Google account to transfer the data collected from infected devices. But on the whole, very sensitive data are seen to have been collected that could cause a lot of hardship to those affected later on.

RedDrop has been labeled as a highly potent malware that from being hard to detect can cause harm to infected users in ways not apparent right now.

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