Danger Alert; Amazon recalled AmazonBasics power banks for fire risk

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260,000 Amazon Basics Portable power banks are retrieving as a result of incidents of chemical burn and property damage. The danger alert came out today. Around 53 reports are raised in the US that the power banks which are recalled are causing overheating problems and four property damage reports and one chemical burn. Mainly they are recalling six models of power banks which are on the list of Amazon Basics line. The producer of the six models of power banks which caused damages is Guoguang Electric Company Limited. The documentation proves that the manufacturing company is situated in China. 16,100mAh, 10,000mAh, 5,600mAh, 3,000mAh, 3,000mAh w/ micro USB cable, 2,000mAh w/ micro USB cable are the six models which are now recovering.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) it’s assumed that the power bank can cause fire burn and overheat. The refunding process is also in progress. Amazon informed that the recalled power bank’s cash will be refunded. You can visit Amazon’s refund site or call Amazon at (855) 215-5134 from 8 am to 5 pm ET Monday to Saturday.

Those who have the power banks similar to the recalled ones, check the ID of the power bank and give it back to Amazon. This is a warning information. Don’t plug the power banks to charge and also stop using any of these six models of it. Late 2014 and mid-2017 is the time period of these six models of power banks sold out. The affected persons will get an email from Amazon. The solution regarding this issue is to dispose of the six models of it. There are so many doubts and queries raising regarding the production of the power banks and the materials which are used in its manufacturing. Yet if you feel that you want to keep it, please do buy a fire extinguisher or a pain-relieving cream, etc. to get rid of the burn that might happen soon. So it’s a very serious message and take it seriously and go for the remedial measures.

Source: CPSC


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