Google seems unlikely to introduce Dark Mode With Android P

The need to use the batteries on mobile phones to the best possible extent has been a factor that did influence the purchase of handsets. So a particular feature that enabled the economical use of the battery power should be a welcome feature no matter the brand and kind of mobile phone that is being considered at any time.

With the Dark Mode, it is possible to invert the display, so to speak. What this does is to create a dark look with light colored areas of the display and a light color with the darker parts of the display. This factor has been found to be useful in bringing about a lighter load on the battery and it is a key feature with a lot of the smartphones and the operating systems. At times, being something different in presentation, the Dark Mode was seen more as a fad than any real benefit to the user. The Google says,

“Hi folks, you may remember me from the last three releases where it looked like Dark Mode was being added. Unfortunately, this bug was closed prematurely due to a miscommunication with the team that handles AOSP issues.”

There was a lot of speculation that Google would follow the completion and I release that was bound to happen in the coming days. But the folks at the firm have scotched any such feature being introduced at present and anytime in the future as well. It could well be a sign that Google is trying to project an image that is more consistent with the serious user of the smartphone, who would care less for a feature like the Dark Mode. Another key factor could be that with the increased sophistication of battery management that is built into the smartphone, the feature like the Dark Mode is more or less redundant.

It is important that any smartphone keep up to the times and this key reason could be why Google did away with the Dark Mode feature as better power management software and highly developed batteries make such features sort of outdated.

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