Data downloading on Instagram would soon be possible


One of the largest photo sharing social media platform, Instagram will be expected to add a feature in their user interface. Facebook’s Instagram will soon be allowing the users to download their data. Yes, the officials have reported that soon Instagram users will be able to download a copy of the content they have uploaded to the social networking site.

It has been almost five years since Instagram was launched. From the early years until now there have been updates be it related to the stories like adding gifs, changing the color and font of the captions in stories, and many more.

However, there is no confirmation about the data downloading, related features and details. It is yet to be confirmed the will Instagram allow the users to download the complete data backup or will it limit to the images and videos uploaded by the users itself. The stories archived by the users and messages exchange will they be allowed to be downloaded or not, is yet to be disclosed.

It has been a long time since Facebook had come up with their backup facility, therefore, it is quite disappointing it took a huge span of time for Instagram to bring this update.

The Facebook data breach case has already created several doubts at the user end and this has made them find a platform where they could take their data, which is away from Facebook. Undoubtedly, the news about the availability of the update came up.

Until now Instagram never allowed any data to be downloaded, however, there were third-party apps that allow a user to do it. The only issue that popped up with the third-party apps was about the trust issues.

Instagram has around 800 million users and their data, it is yet unknown by when would they launch the data downloading the update.

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