Digital platforms can’t affect big budget films from India; says Shahrukh Khan

Digital platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video got released in a new way from the creator including several movies and shows. It may affect the marketing of that movie or play. In fact, the increase in self-esteem for videos with demand has resulted in a good deal of Indian attention. For example, in Hotstar a digital platform provides streaming media and video on demand online. So the people get videos quickly and get more attention to it. But the great Bollywood actor, Shahrukh Khan thinks that these digital platforms will not affect the big-budget films in India.

In an interview with Economic Times Global Business Summit in 2018, Shahrukh Khan briefly explained the entry of digital platforms in India. In reply to the question of whether the film is threatening the access of digital platforms which create original content. He noted that, while “Bright” (a Will Smith and Netflix Origin) is coming up, it is surprising that the fate of the Indian cinema got challenged through new films.

An example of Shahrukh to see a live football match is, “This experience is not the same as ever seeing a record.” Finally, he said, “Small and medium films cannot find investments, find a house, and so everything will end, all medium and small films will uplift digital platforms. But, on the other side, not big movies, people will still display the pictures in the theater with friends and family.”

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