EFF’s Nate Cardozo is Privacy Policy Manager for WhatsApp

Nate Cardozo
Photo Credit: EFF

Facebook has roped in Nate Cardozo as the Privacy Policy Manager for WhatsApp – a long-time Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) counsel, in an attempt to redeem the market reputation of its platform.

Facebook announced its appointment just days after revealing its plans to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger to allow users to message each other across platforms.

Cardozo on Facebook, said that he would quit leaving EFF the next week and would start working as a Privacy Policy Manager for WhatsApp from February 2019.

In EFF, a US-based digital rights group, Cardozo served as the Senior Information Security Council and for nearly 10 years, his work was focused on cybersecurity policies.

This move is intended to boost the user engagement on the social networking platform as the growth of the company has slowed down and privacy concerns are raised from users around the world.

Cardozo said, after the privacy issues faced by Facebook last year, he was skeptical. He added, the privacy team knows him well and knows exactly how he feels about tech policy, privacy, and encrypted messaging.

A report stated that Facebook has been extremely smart in hiring many prominent voices for their online privacy cause since it is one of the best and a straightforward way to build trust.

The new Privacy Policy Manager said- “It will be a huge challenge professionally and I am ready for it.”

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