How to Enable Instant Apps and How to use them in Android Nougat

Now that we have devices running on Android 7.0, it’s time to move over the traditional formula of installing apps before using them. Android Nougat provides users with the option of using instant apps on the latest Android edition. Instant apps are those which can be used on Android mobiles without being downloaded.

This involves downloading the app on a temporary basis, through a shared link or using it on the web. This does not change your experience of the app, as this version is not optimized for the web, and is instead a broken down version which will install when needed, and then get deleted later. Users will continue to get access to all the key features and design aspects.

Instant Apps

How to Enable and Use Instant apps in Android Nougat

Only a few of the apps have been released in the ‘instant app’ version, these are not exclusively for Google devices, namely Nexus and Pixel, but can be used on other Android phones as well. To make use of these apps, you need to do nothing except enabling these Android instant apps in the settings window in the Google Tab. The steps for the same are given below:

  1. Go to Settings, and click on Google Settings tab.
  2. Once you have located the Google Settings tab, scroll down and tap on Instant apps.
  3. Switch On the tab. This will enable these apps and also give consent for the necessary terms and conditions.

Instant Apps

  1. Go to Google Search and find the apps which have been released in this version. You can now use these instant apps without downloading them.

Instant Apps

So now, you can look for the appropriate app which has the instant app built-in feature like Wish.

Rather than going to the Google play store for downloading an app, automatically add few apps temporarily giving you the choice of browsing the web version or launching the instant app. News websites would be great to take the awesome benefit of the feature. Go on and must try it today.

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