Facebook Is Going To Shutdown Its 3 Apps

Facebook apps

The 3 apps of Facebook, they are, anonymous social media app “tbh” (acquired 8 months ago), fitness app “moves“, and Android contact app “hello” will soon be not available. Many many of its current users may get disappointed with this news but this is the statement made by Facebook recently.

Social media app “tbh” is co-founded by Facebook product manager Nikita Bier which was later acquired by Facebook in 2017. It is an abbreviated slang of millennium that is “to be honest“.It is to help high school students in the US. This is to be closed in few weeks.

Fitness app “moves” was launched to monitor physical activities like walking, cycling and running. It is launched in 2014 and Facebook is going to halt on July 31st.

Facebook launched Android contact app “hello” to synchronize Facebook with phone contacts. It is launched in 2015 to help the users in Brazil, Nigeria, and the US. It is going to end up its service in few weeks.

Facebook stated that they constantly review their apps to access the people value. Sometimes this may lead to closing the apps and their related API. They also added, “some people might be using these apps who will get disappointed, thanking them for their support“. But they are feeling prioritized to their work by no means making them thin. Through trial and error methods only they used to provide great apps. It also stated that all the data from all the accounts will be deleted in 90 days.

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