Messenger Kids; the texting app for kids by Facebook launched for Android!

Messenger Kids

Facebook has been the most celebrated social media for the past long years. It is the best platform available for the fellow people which made the sharing of life events, happenings around the world, and also to bring up your friends, family and significant others who are dwelling in distant places to your abreast. A texting app was also launched by the Facebook team, the Facebook Messenger a few years back. It was then made available only on Android and iOS in order to chat with your Facebook friends which were possible in the Facebook app itself earlier.

As we all know that some of the major social platforms like Snapchat and YouTube are pushing the child-friendly content made available by launching their respective platforms which are suitable for kids, Facebook is also launching a new platform with the same idea. The new application, known as the Facebook Messenger Kids, by Facebook, will be used for texting between the kids and is developed with a child- friendly content which can be served on the app.

This respective app has been launched much earlier by the Facebook but was made available only for the iOS. That version of the Facebook Messenger Kids was not accessible for the Android phone users. But now the company decided to launch its application which can be used also by the Android users. This application is now made available on the Google Play Store.

As the name indicates, the Messenger Kids is just for the Kids and contains only child-friendly content, it allows parental control. The parental control inside the app for kids admits the parents to decide with whom their children can talk and can also mute the users with whom the parents don’t want their children to talk with on Messenger  Kids. This application can be downloaded from the Google Play store and let the kids enjoy texting.

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