Facebook reveals more information about data leak- calls it data sharing for integration purposes only!


After the much-debated data breach by Cambridge analytica and Facebook (during the much-talked-about elections in the States) which used a third party application to collect personal data (including political views, psychological profiles), there was chaos all over the world and people alleged that they have been manipulated. All said and done, Mark Zuckerberg (one of the founders of Facebook) came out to the people and apologized saying it was a “mistake” that happened even after strict security measures were taken.

Now, Facebook has come up with another revelation stating they have partnered with 52 companies with whom they share user data for different purposes. They added that this data was shared to make integration of Facebook with other applications easier and provide a seamless experience. They also said that the information given out is tightly controlled that doesn’t misuse any data.


Airtel has made to this list of 52 companies too. Airtel said, “We were granted access to data by Facebook as application developers. The project ended in 2013 so did our access to the data. The data was used only for internal purposes and it was not misused since we take data privacy extremely seriously and follow a zero-tolerance policy about the same”. Facebook added that their partnership with 7 companies will come to an end by the end of this month and one more company’s partnership will end during October.

Following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s claims that zero Facebook data was shared with Apple during the breach as well as in the previous times, Facebook claims that its partnership with Apple will not be coming to an end anytime this year.

It will be interesting to see two tech giants collaborating and bringing out exciting new products into the market.

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