Factory images for Razor phone are available for download in developers portal

Razor company mostly used to build high-end PC and gaming consoles for there buyers. But in the Q3 of 2017, they announced their launch of Android smartphone in the market. All know how strong is the team behind Razor and what they are capable of doing. And finally, they transformed the dreams and hopes of reality with the launch of their first smartphone in the industry.

This phone comes with kickass specifications of the high-end Razor Phone which comes with the Nova Launcher Prime to boot. The highlighted things that the developers look for in a phone is whether it’s kernel source code is released publically or not. And the best part about Razor Phone was that kernel source code was released within 3 months of it’s launched.

No doubt the phone was one of the best in the market in the terms of its hardware and pricing. The only thing it was lagging was the factory images, where it helps to restore your device to fully functional stock build if you break modding it. Many users were waiting for long time for the official factory images.

To flash a factory image users need an unlocked bootloader, Razer warns that warranty voids if the bootloader is unlocked. As now finally the Factory images are available for the Razor Phone for its users (old + new). Razor has updated the all the factory images for the phone which includes November, December, and January months incremental updates. For detailed instruction head over to this link for flashing the factory images. The factory images are based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat, while it may take some time for Android Oreo to hit the device.

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