[Fix] Apps not Downloading from Play Store in OnePlus 3/3T After Nougat Update (OxygenOS 4.0.2)

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Fix Apps not Downloading from Play Store in OnePlus 3/3T After Nougat Update: The release of OxygenOS 4.0.2 based on Android 7.0 Nougat for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T has been great though stability and bugs issue thereby annoying a lot of users. OnePlus tried getting over the concern by bringing a quick hotfix OxygenOS 4.0.2 update which again did not go well and landed with a debugging kernel and thus taken back.

One of very common issue that OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T users reported after the update inability to download apps from the Google Play Store. Most likely OnePlus will get this issue fix with some new OxygenOS update in future but as of now you can fix apps not downloading from Play Store in OnePlus 3/3T by following the simple solutions below.

Fix Apps not Downloading from Play Store


  1. Set Up the ADB and Fastboot on your device
  2. Make sure your device is 80% charged
  3. As a precaution do take a backup of the device

Solution 1: Install the OxygenOS 4.0.2 Patch


Download OxygenOS 4.0.2 Patch

  • Download the OxygenOS 4.0.2 patch and paste the file in the ADB and Fastboot folder
  • Then boot the device into the recovery mode
  • In recovery mode, you will find an install option from ADB sideload, click on that
  • Connect the device to the PC
  • Go back to the folder where you pasted the OTA file
  • Press Shift + Right click and in the Android folder open the command window
  • Release the command in the CMD window
    For Windows: “adb sideload <filename>”
    For Mac/Linux: /adb sideload <filename>"
  • Let the installation process gets complete
  • Done!
  • Try downloading an app now for Play Store.

Solution 2: Turn on the Data Saver

This fix would will be useful if you are downloading the apps over data connection though if you try this solution on Wi-Fi downloading it won’t be of any help.

Fix Apps not Downloading from Play Store in OnePlus 3/3T

Steps to turn on data saver

  • Go to Settings and select the Data usage.
  • Click on the 3 dots at the top and then select the data saver
  • Then tap on the Unrestricted data access and disable the Google Play Store & Google Play Services
  • With the immediate effect, the apps start downloading

Do remember to turn off the data after the apps download

Solution 3: Uninstall Updates for Google Play Store / Services

If you facing the download issue on data as well as Wi-Fi then try uninstalling updates for Google Play Store and Google Play Services

Fix Apps not Downloading from Play Store

Steps to Uninstall updates for Google Play Store

  • Go to the Settings > Apps
  • Scroll down and tap on Google Play Store
  • At the top right side tap on 3 dots
  • Select Uninstall Updates
  • Go back to Apps and try to download an app. However, if it still asks for the update skip it.
  • Now the apps start downloading

Solution 4: Uninstall Truecaller/PayTM/AVG AntiVirus

Sound like bit awkward, but there are many cases where the OnePlus 3/3T users have reported that after uninstalling the Truecaller app, they can now install and update apps from the play store.

Note: If you are on roaming none of these solutions would work for the OnePlus 3/3T if your downloading via data.

Disclaimer – If your phone goes through any kind of damage during the installation/uninstallation process, clickitornot.com will not be responsible for the same.

Fix Apps not Downloading from Play Store in OnePlus 3/3T After Nougat Update worked for you. If not let us know in the comment section below.


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