Fortnite season 6 is finally here: New Map Changes, Pets, Shadow Stones, and More!


After season 5, Fortnite is here with yet another season- the Fortnite Season 6, which was recently launched and it saw events like the purple cube “Kevin” dropping out of the rift and roaming around the map leaving runes, and finally melting down inside Loot Lake. The servers at Fortnite are currently down, because of all the preparations that are going on. Once the season 6 is live, servers will be up in no time. There are patch notes for patch v6.0 which marks the beginning of Fortnite Season 6, along with which comes a whole lot of exciting improvisations in the game!

Map Changes

The Battle Royale map has been changed again for Season 6 and a new set of locations have been provided. They are-

  • Floating islands
  • Corrupted Areas
  • Corn Fields
  • Haunted Castle

There are many more locations and the patch notes simply suggest that “drop in to find the rest.”

fortnite maps

Shadow Stones

Another new entry in the game is the Shadow Stones, which is a new type of consumable, that will allow the players to enter a Shadow Form and then help make the players invisible to other players while stationary, and would leave a smoke trail behind the other players while moving. When a user is in the Shadow Form, they will not be able to use the weapons but will be able to get movement speed, increased jump height, and immunity to fall damage. The Shadow Stone effect would apparently last for 45 seconds but could be exited earlier by pressing the alt-fire (aim down sights). When in the Shadow Form, players will gain a new ability to ‘phase’, which can be activated by pressing the fire button, which will propel them in the direction they are facing and will allow them to pass through objects.

fortnite shadow


Rumour mills suggest that pets might also make an entry into the Fortnite games, wherein players will be able to own pets. No reports of the type and variety of pets that would be made available, but teaser images were shown which gave a glimpse of the pets- they might include a dog, a dragon, and a chameleon. They will probably be made available in the item shop, and some more of them could be unlocked with the Battle Pass.

fortnite pets


Epic has a few weapons vaulted, which will only come back after an update. These weapons have now been bundled with Patch v6.0 and include the following-

  • Impulse grenade
  • Suppressed Submachine Gun
  • Light Machine Gun
  • Bouncer
  • Remote Explosives

These weapons will be available to the player in “Playground mode” for now.

Grappler and Other Weapons changes

The idea of Grappler weapon looks fancy an cool, and also adds other alternatives to enter or exit from a gunfight, but players were unhappy with certain aspects of the weapon. Taking user feedback into consideration, Epic has made a few changes to the Grappler weapon in Season 6 which include-

  • Grappler weapon charges have been reduced from 15 to 10.
  • Momentum functionality has been added to the weapon, which means, if a player hits a moving vehicle it’s momentum will be added to player’s launch force, although momentum can never be subtracted.

Other weapons to see changes are-

  • Double Barrel Shotgun, whose damage has been reduced from 143/150 to 114/120.
  • Dual Pistol floor drop chance, that has been reduced from 1.49{081c250d411f5cd7c4bf4525f903297b5b88880eace397824ccc796b738c53d1} to 0.88{081c250d411f5cd7c4bf4525f903297b5b88880eace397824ccc796b738c53d1}.

Custom Controller Bindings

Apart from all this, players will also have a different experience playing the game on their consoles. Season 6 will allow players to completely customize controller bindings, along with creating a new custom configuration and creating a controller schen=me, which would best fit their needs and method of playing.

Audio Updates

Finally, as promised, season 6 will now have a way in the audio during the game.

  • Players will be able to choose preferred music choices in the game
  • Players will also be able to unlock more music using the Season 6 Battle Pass.
  • Footsteps from players below the player will sound much more echo-ey.
  • Footstep pitch will decrease even further if a player is below the current player, and the pitch will increase even higher if a player is from the current player’s location in order to make it easier to pinpoint enemies from sound cues.
  • Glider sounds will now be audible from far away only.


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