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G Suite

Google is a company that keeps hands on versatile fields and continuously generates success. Even though Google is highly successful in most of the fields it works on, the area at which Google couldn’t master was social media. Google tried multiple shots on social media such as Allo, Duo, hangouts, etc. but couldn’t get a fair share in the markets competing with facebook and whatsapp.

The setbacks don’t hold a successful company like Google, which learns and adapts to the market conditions like no other competitors. As part of its evolution, Google is going to release its new service that is Hangout chat for its G Suite users. The hangout chat was announced by mid-2017 by Google and was running its beta testing for almost a year and now is capable of releasing.

G Suite is the services provided by Google such as Google calendar, Gmail, Google contacts, Google sheets, Google docs and more. By integrating all these services together in one social media platform and by the help of implementing new AI developed by Google and Google bots, one can quickly perform functions and efficiently communicate without using multiple platforms at once.

The strengths of hangout chats are multiple and are so ready to compete with its competitors who are mainly whatsapp which has strong rooted growth in social media. The main features that make Hangout chat highly unique are

  1. G Suite Integration

    Google markets its new service by integrating it with all the primary applications of G Suite. The user can access the data’s in G Suite apps and can incorporate its functions so that it stands out from the other apps which act as its competitors. For instance, if you want to plan a meeting, you can access Google calendar through the hangout chat app and also exchange the media regarding the meeting while doing the video calling the group members.

  2. Artificial Intelligence assists

    AI or artificial intelligence is considered to be the “next big thing” in the technologic market. And as the world knows Google is one of the main contributors to the development of artificial intelligence. So Google plans to integrate its expertise in AI for its new social media platform, which in turn assist the user in planning to remind essential data’s with high accuracy and precession. It can assist in searching files, bookings, Remind functions, Manage time and more.

  3.  Bots

    Google and other third-party apps have created bots to assist the users in the functions. Google alone created more than 20 bots in automating the work and integrating third-party apps with the google. The third party apps are xera, CRM and more.

  4.  Security

    Google knows the importance of security in its apps while it enters the highly sensitive market where data security standards have to be maintained strictly. So Google provides high data security by the end to end encryption and additional protection by archiving, moving and storing of data contents


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