Google Express: Bringing the Power of NFC Enabled cards to the user

Google Express
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A key factor with modern companies and more so for those involved in the development of high tech products is the need for them to offer a range of services and not what they had been into traditionally, so to speak.

In many ways, this can be seen as the convergence of technology that would bring all the systems to a common platform eventually. The experts see this happening already with the increased use of not just payments but other sections of the economy like news and even offering professional services.

With the increased use of technology not in just payment systems but in societal processes as a whole, it is felt by the general public that technology is more complex than ever. The Google Express app does away with the need for a physical card and uses the features of NFC to execute this.  It would be one of the most secure of transaction systems for the kind of technology being used.

The new feature in the Google Express app enables you to add the NFC-enabled credit cards with just tap as your payment method. With tapping, the NFC-enabled credit card on your phone will automatically take your card number, expiration date and you have to enter the security code (CVV) manually. To know if your card has an NFC feature, just look for the NFC symbol printed somewhere on it.

The time factor:

Increasingly, there is a practice in most businesses to provide a monetary value to the time at hand. So we have employees being assessed to their ability by taking into consideration their ability to bring on results in the least possible time. With the cost of the employee going up on a daily basis, it is only natural that people tend to deploy methods that are aimed at increasing the efficiency of systems by decreasing the time being used up.

Near Field Communication does increase the time utilization by making it more convenient to transact and this is done by doing away with the need for physical verification as with most traditional forms of plastic payments.

Dependability factor:

Gone are the days when technology could not be counted on to provide a safe environment. The whole implementation of greater conveniences needed newer systems and processes that in effect meant a lot of complex processes and in many ways a loss of dependability.

This was more of a transitional phenomenon that got replaced by robust techniques and systems that made it possible to operate systems with the security options available to the traditional forms of transactions.

It is just a matter of perception than anything else when it comes to the use of newer technology. As people find a greater acceptance of the new techniques, the applications too would be simpler and more relied on.


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