Google Is Ending Support For The Explorer Edition Of The Glass

Google is going to end its support for the glass explorer edition in February 2020. Before its end, the company is rolling out the final version of the update for wearables.

The company said that the users have to download the update, unzip it and then install it manually into their devices. Google also noted that the latest update would not affect the Glass Enterprise Edition devices.

Google said in a statement that it is the final update for the Glass Enterprise Edition, and the users need to install it manually. The update removes the ability and needs to use Google account on the Glass.

As per the Google statement, if you are signed in to your account and using the device without updating it, the device will continue to work, but the mirror apps such as Hangouts, YouTube, and Gmail would no longer work on the device. Google continued that this new update eliminates Glass connection to backend services.

Following this final update, the MyGlass app that enables users to manage the device settings will also stop working. Nevertheless, the users can still pair the devices to their phones directly through Bluetooth.

The Explorer edition of the Glass came into existence in 2012. According to Engadget, Google also has released an upgraded version of the Glass despite the concerns raised for the privacy encompassing its capability to record videos.

While using the Glass in public, the company has released some do’s and don’ts that a user needs to follow compulsorily. The rules include a list of points that is to avoid invading into personal spaces of people and seem unethical in a public place as well. Google urged the users of Glass to evade being offensive and instructed not to wear the glasses while endeavoring extreme outdoor activities, among others.

The Glass device first came into the U.S market for the general public in April 2014 for $1500 that goes approximately up to Rs.1 lakh. Before the availability to the general public, these were sold only to the group of contest winners, developers, and other invitees.


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