Coming soon to Google Lens, the ARCore 1.0 and a few other updates

AR Core

It is the constant thrust of developers, be it the software or the hardware providers, to improve on the best in the field at any particular time. So when something like the ARCore 1.0 is being introduced with the Google Lens, it is nothing but a continuum of efforts taken so far. A key feature of the latest updates to software is the increased ability to function independently of the human operator and this is being brought to focus here on this application as well.

The ARCore 1.0 update is slated to be launched at the Mobile World Congress and this would be just the right time to get the much valuable feedback on the products being introduced by Google. With an increased view that developers need to be given more freedom and choice, the Google augmented reality Software Development Kit for the Android OS is also being put out for use. Thus the developers could be having just the right support and tools that are bound to bring out the most productive of efforts to users.

There can be no denying that with the ARCore being in use on over a 100 million smartphones, the future would get to see a wider acceptance and application of the software than ever before. The more upmarket handsets do use this software to good benefit and the future would see a wider acceptance of the product. A host of manufacturers are being considered for a partnership to help roll out the ARCore in a short time frame as possible. Of note are Sony Mobile, ZTE, Vivo, ASUS and possibly most other market leaders in mobile handsets.

AR Core
Source: Google

Innovation is the key factor that separates the industry leaders from the remainder of the field and with Google aiming to remain on top by way of products and services, the update is just hitting the spot.

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