Google Photos now shows your Location next to the date dividers.

Most of the people may not be relying on Google Photos app to download and store the images. But there are tons of people who still rely on Google Photos app to download the high-quality images, and even to store them. It is considered to be one of the most beloved Google apps and services. It is eternally amazing to see how brilliant Google Photos is at scrutinizing people, pets, things, and even locations. Now “locations” is going to gain a more important place in the Google Photos app on Android devices.

Promptly, when you scroll down through the photos in your photo library, you may be able to see a location just adjacent to the date separator in the library. This was not a shocking update from Google Photos, as for some users accessing the app on the web, has been showing the location for several months now. But it was not seen in the Android devices till date.

Google Photos
Android Police

But for now, it is but made available for all the users of Google Photos app. The present update in which the location is also shown near to the date divider can be a little server-side test. This update may be requiring some extra combination of factors to properly work this location facilities for the photos in the Google Photos app.

Some among you may be wondering that if there are pictures taken from different or distant locations on the same date, how does the new update work. There is nothing to worry about that as the drop down facility can sort out the issue. This facility would be making it easier to sort out and find all your photos from a specific place. But still, we are not much sure about whether these locations are tappable or not. Anyway, we can eagerly look forward the update to get our photos sorted according to the location.

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