Google Pixel 3 Supported by Android P Soon To Be Reality

When Google is in the news, it has to be marked as the event of the year. Especially if it is connected to the mobile technology, the news is no less than an event. Therefore, the news of Google Pixel 3 became a talk of the town as soon as it was spotted in AOSP. Yes, you read that right. There is more than a reason for Pixel 3 to create a fuzz.

Usually, Pixel starts getting murmurs around August when it is to launch around October, however, this time, it is April in 2018 and Google Pixel 3 became the most anticipated event of the year. Reason being, Google Pixel has launched with Android 7.1.1 Nougat while Pixel 2 was launched last year with Oreo Android 8.0. Therefore, it is expected that Pixel 3, which has been shown in AOSP may launch with Android P.

However, the sad part is, there isn’t much to speculate about Pixel 3 or Android P. But it doesn’t end there. Those who have a knack in the technology are already Analysing the information available on Android Platform Framework page of Android Open Source Project, which titles, Cherrypick “Add device config to decide which Auto Selection Network UI to use.”

The analysts suggest that the title indicates the addition of new configuration to the Android framework. It means, the new framework, which is known as HAL V_1_2 supports auto selection network UI, the only support base of the Pixel 3.

HAL stands for Hardware Abstraction Layer, which connects the Android framework with hardware of the mobile phones.

There hasn’t been much transpired from these codes but suggestions are made that these changes may affect the battery usage. Another change may occur in form of Scan Network.

At this juncture, only thing sure is Pixel 3 going to be a reality soon, and along with it Android P too will be unveiled. So, let’s hope for the revolutionary changes in Android.

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