Google says Android is as secure as iOS

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Even if the number of Android users boast every time been on a rise, it has constantly been a theory to be mediocre to iOS after it comes to security. But, with features like Google Play Protect built straight into its Play Store and monthly Android security patch updates (if you declare the most recent smartphone, that is), the Google-owned mobile operating system is at this instant safer than forever before. And Google claims it is at the present a minute ago as safe as Apple’s iOS.

Google plus claims that at hand has been a considerable cut in the instances of vulnerabilities being spotted on its mobile OS, recognition to Google Play Protect. The search engine-giant has available it’s fourth once a year day in assessment highlighting the choice of advancements in Android security. The 56-page report throws light on Google Play Protect shield that was released last year at the Google I/O conference.

The machine learning-backed security feature highlight that is built immediately into Google’s application platform Google Play store is expected at caring users from suspicious apps that force potentially hurt their device. With the safekeeping feature, Google was proficient to distinguish 60.3 percent of altogether ‘Potentially harmful Apps,’ as Google calls them, contained by Google Play Store, as a piece the Google report.

The report claims that Play Protect scans other than 50 billion apps on a day by day basis, and this has helped Google cut off practically 39 million vulnerable apps from Play Store Last year. Besides, Google keeps updating play protect (through machine learning) to reply to new threats as and once they are detected.

Play Protect was restructured with an offline scanning highlight in October last year, and this feature helped classify all but 35 percent of the potentially dangerous apps installed on devices that were both offline or had no network connectivity.

Play Protect also works outside of Google Play and has helped downgrade the installation of harmful apps from other third-party sources and download sites by over 60 percent.


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