Google Sets to show their latest AR/VR display tech on SID 2018

Google is now prepared to show off an advanced display technology drive at the Display Week International Symposium (SID) of 2018 corresponding to a newly discovered program for the event. The company has been working specifically on AR/VR technologies till now. However, there are only speculations regarding the specifications of this display technologies up to this point and that is going to change soon during the SID 2018.The company is set to present its display at the Symposium in Los Angeles Convention Centre.

Besides, everybody is eagerly waiting till then to hear what the display tailored within. There is much information about the display but guessing this program will provide authenticated and substantial details. The display is meant to be used in Wide-Field -of-View High – Acuity Head -Mounted Displays.It’s all confirming that this is the display Google is known to have been working on and how to set it to show off.

As per the reports of OLED – Info, the DISPLAY WEEK’S event’s is stricken with a talk highlighting by Google hardware engineer Carlin Vieri on 22nd of May 2018.The Augmented and Virtual Reality ( AR & VR ) Display will be based on OLED display technology and will be only 4.3 inches in size. In beginning, it appears to pack in a pixel density of 1443 pixels per inch (PPI). The OLED display postulates it could land somewhere around the resolution of 5500 × 3000. If the speculations are correct, then it will be a clear advantage over the highest resolutions even seen in current headsets.

Clay Bavor Google’s VP of Augmented and Virtual Reality says that, during the last year the company had clubbed with one of the most leading OLED display manufacturers in the world to create a VR- capable OLED display with more pixel density about 10x more, that of any other commercially available VR display we have now.Integrating such a high-resolution display to the existing VR headset will make an enormous challenge on its own, and could have data rates range between 50-100 Gb/sec with prevailing configuratIons. However, the advanced move of Google has been a step forward to the rising technological arena.

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