Google’s Initiative Of Digital Wellbeing To Make Your Time Management With Google Dashboard

Digital wellbeing

People have been knowingly or unknowingly spending a lot of time on the phone and forget to give time to the more important things in life. Google on Tuesday, announced their Digital Wellbeing initiative. This is in consideration of the people today being anxious about being updated about all the things going on out there. Along with the social pressure to answer to each and every message they receive.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google said in the Google I/O 2018, “An increasing social pressure to reply anything they get out there, they have FOMO – Fear of Missing Out.”, he adds, “We have been talking to people and they introduced us to the concept of JOMO – The actual Joy Of Missing Out.

The Digital Wellbeing will make help users in four ways – understand habits, Focus on What matters, Switch off when you need to and find a balance for your family. Under this initiative will be the Android Dashboard. The dashboard will have a full the amount of time you are spending on your phone, apps you are using, the number of notification you get on a single day, a number of times you locked and unlocked your phone.

All these features will be possible using the “App timer”. This will help the users manage their time and users will be able to focus on the important things.

Apps will now help, with YouTube taking the lead. Pichai gave an example by telling that if you are watching YouTube for a while now it will show you a notification that “Hey, it’s been a while now. Maybe you should take a break.”

If the users would want to they can sync their YouTube to the dashboard and it will combine the notifications and give you the all notification at a single user-decided time.

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