Group video calling and lots of user friendly features to be expected from WhatsApp with the next update

Video Calling

A key feature of some of the more popular and well used of software products and applications is the fact that there would be key updates from time to time. This brings about an increased functionality of the products as well as a wider acceptance of the products as well. It is in this context that the next updates are awaited from WhatsApp and more so after the huge success that the WhatsApp for business and the UPI payment systems that had been introduced earlier this year.

On the anvil is a host of applications from the provision to add a group description, group video calls, and video chats, switch facility between the voice calls and video calls and the introduction of WhatsApp Stickers. Moreover, the successful implementation of the WhatsApp Payment system would see its introduction on a wider scale than before. Thus in effect, the next round of updates is aimed at consolidating the operations of the system to bring in a wider and more flexible use than ever before. Considering that WhatsApp has managed to garner in a user base that would be open to the use of technology in more areas of life, the next set of updates are aimed at providing more to the users of the software.


Unless new and innovative uses of the platform are introduced from time to time, there would be competitors that would try to take away the advantage that an originator of a service brings to the field. It is this very advantage that WhatsApp is trying to protect with the timely roll-out of a new and improved set of service standards. The updates are a good time to update the current uses and also the right time to make the presence felt in the existing markets at all times. The best of service providers would keep a step ahead of what the competition has to offer to the public.

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