Artist Turns iPhone X Screen into Creepy Optical Illusion


Nothing could work out weirder than to use the Creepy Optical Illusion on the iPhone X screen. It is meant to offer a fair amount of customization as would most of the high-performance screens seen on the high-end smartphones.

The tricks quite possible to take a surprising turn when the staid iPhone X screen is turned into a portal appearance and more so with an ease of effort that really beats it all. This could well be the new age application that is bound to bring in the attention as well as the awe just at the right time. No longer is the handset screen meant to be a peaceful affair with the competition bringing out changes and possibilities like no other time in history.

In the following video, he explains how it works

If anything can be said of the iPhone, then it is the simple ability to render true colors and sharp edges to sections of the images. This makes it possible to offer a set of sharp images at all times and when compared to what the competition has to offer the user, is something of a shock effect on most people. What this whole affair points to is the advanced state of modern-day mobile phone display and there can really be no disputing this aspect at any time.

Few people would really be surprised at what a typical mobile phone can accomplish in terms of the display ability. It thus takes much more than what the usual display capability to pull off something to appear as a warped portal. This is the kind of power that modern gadgetry has over people and over simple devices as the mobile phones.

It is the very need for the phone manufacturers to offer operational abilities like never seen on the typical phone and the use of the most powerful display screens is meant to bring on the very effect each and every time.

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