Latest Policy Decision by Google: Blocking of Unofficial APIs


Something that was in the grapevine, so to speak, just became official. Android P systems can’t be assessed by the non-public APIs. Using unofficial APIs are rather a risky affair and something that can bring about breach of security as well as compromised operational dependability more than anything else.

For some time now, the issues of unofficial APIs were on the top of discussion forums and it was only a matter of time before Google did what was in the best interest of the developer community. There are those that would complain that this would push up the cost of developing new apps but considering the overall need for greater secure systems, it can be justified to a fair extent.

The whole process is not going to be executed in one go. First to be targeted would be those Apps that have little or no patronage. Followed by a gradual denial of services to those in the more used or popular category. The whole process is expected to take a couple of months to complete but this is sure to ensure continuity among the developer community as well as provide enough opportunity and time for those who want to validate their APIs the time and freedom to do so.

Firstly, the non-SDK APIs will be blocked with no usage, Just to minimize the effect on the developers. When the developer tries to access any of these APIs, they will get an error as NoSuchFieldException or NoSuchMethodException. while developers can still use the undocumented APIs but the app should be updated to latest API level. But Google will eventually increase these limitations in coming versions an at the same time this is the best chance for developers to migrate to official APIs.

With the bud tracker, it is possible for those who want to be still in the reckoning in the API group to validate their credentials. This window of opportunity is not going to last forever and it is the best practice to take corrective steps right away. A key element of the Google systems is the fact that they do present the developer community sufficient time and reason to migrate to more safer and up to date systems, as and when these are unveiled.

Market acceptably is a key feature of any app and this is best achieved when greater freedom is provided to the developers. Anything that directly affects the coders would tend to bring some sort of a dampening effect on the whole system and this is being avoided by the proactive actions of Google.

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