LG Breaks The Jinx: Opens Upgrade Center for Faster Smartphone Upgrade

Smartphones have become a lifeline for all of us nowadays. Stepping out of home, school, or office without one is unimaginable. However, there is a major issue with this life support system, that is upgradation. The major complaints among smartphone users have always been slow updates and upgrades.

Keeping in mind the complaints, LG announced that the mega electronic giant is to set up “Software Upgrade Center in South Korea. The sole aim of this center is to maintain the upgrade timeline and offer timely Upgrade for all LG smartphones across the globe. The new center will be part of LG’s new R&D campus in Magok-dong, western Seoul.

Each smartphone maker is nowadays trying to give it’s customers something more than merely a smartphone thanks to throat-cutting competition. In its endeavor, LG aims to provide faster OS updates as well as Android and LG security updates. In order to operationalize the center, LG to roll out Android Oreo update for the LG G6 in South Korea later this month and subsequently in other countries.

One of the major advantage LG is trying to gain is consistent knowledge of hardware and software compatibility through continuous tests. By which, LG to offer faster OS updates and better features compared to other mobile makers. In short, LG goes Apple and Google way, from where it can launch global updates for all devices across the globe.

Another aim, it seems LG has us to separate itself from compatriot company Samsung, which has a history of delayed updates.

Aligning after-sales support with customers’ needs is a top priority at LG,” Jo Seong-jin, CEO of LG Electronics said while announcing the launch. He added, “Stable and consistent upgrades will demonstrate to our customers that LG smartphones have long and reliable lifespans.

Watchers suggest that LG has taken a timely decision, however, execution is all that matters.

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