LG step’s back from its new release of flagship smartphone (G7 series)

Tech world went curiously about the LG’s step back from releasing of its new flagship phone that is the G7 series which was shown off at MWC 2018. But experts believe that this step back is to create more significant momentum for a massive leap over the competing tech giants. LG was supposed to release its new G-Series of their new flagship phones by the time of MWC 2018, but they did n’t.

The prototype and its design were flaunted over the internet long before its release. The main features included in the LG G7 neo are mainly snapdragon 845 with 64GB internal storage and variants with 4 GB and 6 GB RAM’s. The display measuring 6 inches with a resolution of 3120 x1440 and also a different aspect ratio as of G6 and V30. The device also promised the features such as LG Boombox which enhances the audio speaker capabilities.

What caused the immediate reason for the step back?

As the technology advances, the major trend is the bezel-less screen in smartphones. All major smartphone companies have updated their design and focussed mainly on reducing the bezel size and maintaining an attractive aspect ratio. But the problem every company is faced is in the area acquired by the front speaker and front camera. There are fewer options when it comes to reducing the notch at the top. It is suspected that LG stepped back from releasing their new flagship phone is because they realized that even they struggle with the “notch trouble.” So LG’s mobile chief Jo seong-jin has ordered for a complete redesign of the smartphone right from scratch. It should probably fix the “notch issue” by designing from the bottom and implementing the latest R&D. LG might not attain large market share if the phone performs similarly to other flagship phones with no unique differences. LG has a track record of implementing what is difficult in a smartphone of the medium price range.

But, recently LG launched the pair of new smartphones in MWC 2018 named LG V30S ThinQ and the V30S+ ThinQ.

LG wanted to show off its latest technologies and capabilities such as R&D in such as System on Chip (SOC) capabilities, User interface platform, Camera capabilities, etc. Even though the device is not getting released too soon, the LG will continue its investment in R&D to ensure that their new equipment stands exceptionally unique in its way to compete against the other companies.

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