LineageOS 13 based on Android Marshmallow is discontinued: It’s Official

LineageOS 13, based on Android Marshmallow, is now discontinued

Back in 2015, LineageOS 13 which was based on Android Marshmallow was launched with the CyanogenMod 13. After it’s launched globally in the XDA forum, LineageOS 13 was soon switched to Android 6.0.1. The developer at the backend kept on working on it and provided all kinds of support that were possible along with all major security patches. It continued to be the backbone of the whole software until version LineageOS 14.1 was released soon in the upcoming year.

Indeed Android 6.0.1 was one of the tops and hottest software and most used in 2015-16. Due to its custom ROM easily available, people always preferred it. Not only that, it also helped to kill the unnecessary background apps and thus contribute to the increase of battery life. Beside proving last long battery life LineageOS 13 also provided proper on time security patches.

Sadly, the LineageOS 13 based Android Marshmallow was been discontinued. However here is the list of some old devices that are still on it:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0/ Tab 2 10.1 GSM
  2. Sprint Google Galaxy Nexus LTE
  3. Nvidia Shield Portable (Roth)
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
  5. Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A GT-I9506
  6. Verizon Google Galaxy Nexus LTE
  7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0/ Tab 2 10.1 WiFi/WiFi + IR
  8. Google Nexus 10 (Manta)
  9. GSM Google Galaxy Nexus (maguro)

The devices listed are pretty old and almost isolated. With LineageOS 13 based Android Marshmallow now announced to discontinue. This doesn’t mean that the phone which has that won’t be able to function on this, rather this means no more support or security patches from the developers’ end. So in case if you are using it, I suggest upgrading your device to the latest versions of Android.

And in case your device is too old to provide you with updates, then the only way out is finding custom ROMs in forums. 2015-2018, LineageOS 13 really had a good survival and also managed to be one of the top picks even in today’s market.

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