LineageOS declared the LineageSDK

LineageOS has happened to a fashionable custom ROM along with the niche Android users who choose to install a custom ROM on their devices. Its availability for a mass of devices along with a near- stoke experience with a few beneficial customizations, has developed into an upright successor to the CyanogenMod custom ROM, the once popular custom ROM, that in the end met its demise and branched into LineageOS.

LineageOS may be an OS for everyone, a new user, and even an advanced developer. All of this was good from the user end, but it was nothing interesting to the developer. So, LineageOS announces LineageSDK to make the developers more interesting. In simple words, allowing apps to do more while working on a LineageOS- powered device or even have features custom to the OS.

“The Lineage platform SDK (LineageSDK for short) is a powerful resource that allows us to both keep our features out of the core Android frameworks (for better security and easier bring up processes) and exposes some extra functionality to app developers.”


Llama is a set of some APIs, which is first publicly available Iteration. It also has a subsidiary documentation section on the company’s wiki to help developers. LineageOS is highlighting two of them out of all the released APIs, the Styles API, and the Profiles API.

The Styles API, accompanied with the of late announced system styles on LineageOS 15.1 allows the app to tune the UI of their app like accumulation a mandatory dark mode, which Lineage puts as ‘It’s a painless global light/dark mode for everyone. Developers boast the opportunity of regulation assured color fundamentals of the app also.

The Profiles API enabled amendment of device settings with a specific click, which can be manual or a predefined trigger. It would let developers assign an individual profile to features like Wi-Fi, NFC, book etc., which as the team behind puts it, may be tremendously expedient for developers particularly interacting with IoT procedure

The SDK is the completely open source and anyone is free to donate new APIs or finetune obtainable ones. The rollout is starting this week accompanied by LineageOS 15.1 builds with assuring for future updates.

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