Meizu’s new patent on In-Display Camera for Full-Screen Smartphones


There can never be replacing the shock value of something radical that seeks to do things quite differently from the usual. This is the very action that Meizu has initiated with the development of the In-built camera that combines the camera function with the display. The display allows light to pass through so as to render images on the hidden camera sensor.

At first glance, the In-built camera would free up a significant amount of space on the front panel of most phones and it does add an extra sturdiness to the smartphones when something as delicate as the camera is removed from the façade.

Far from being a novelty alone, the camera does offer a fair bit of functionality, considering that it is able to bring on the same features of the traditional camera that it seeks to replace on most phones. The very nascent nature of the technology would ensure that a lot of improvements can be expected to follow in the days and months to come.

It would seem that the development is just another reason to do away with the bezel on the front of the phone, something that is in tune with the latest of design aspects to the smartphone. But this could open up the field further to the use of face recognition technology that would happen without the subject being aware of it. Thus the security applications are something that is bound to increase in the days to come. A lot of discussions has been going on as to the role of AI and something of this nature is bound to bring about a greater integration of technology and its uses in society.

With newer methods of doing things, come about a greater benefit to the user in terms of space saved or at best a less power hungry device. It is when the new developments are put to the full use that the best return for the efforts undertaken is brought about.

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